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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Código VB6 para obtener lista de ficheros de una carpeta

Private Function AllFiles(ByVal FullPath As String) _
As String()
'PURPOSE: Returns all files in a folder using
'the FileSystemObject

'PARAMETER: FullPath = FullPath to folder for
'which you want all files

'RETURN VALUE: An array containing a list of
'all file names in FullPath, or a 1-element
'array with an empty string if FullPath
'does not exist or it has no files

'REQUIRES: Reference to Micrsoft Scripting
' Runtime


'Dim sFiles() as string
'dim lCtr as long
'sFiles = AllFiles("C:\Windows\System")
'For lCtr = 0 to Ubound(sFiles)
' Debug.Print sfiles(lctr)

'REMARKS: The FileSystemObject does not
'Allow for the use of wild cards (e.g.,
'*.txt.) If this is what you need, see

Dim oFs As New FileSystemObject
Dim sAns() As String
Dim oFolder As Folder
Dim oFile As File
Dim lElement As Long

ReDim sAns(0) As String
If oFs.FolderExists(FullPath) Then
Set oFolder = oFs.GetFolder(FullPath)

For Each oFile In oFolder.Files
lElement = IIf(sAns(0) = "", 0, lElement + 1)
ReDim Preserve sAns(lElement) As String
sAns(lElement) = oFile.Name
End If

AllFiles = sAns
Set oFs = Nothing
Set oFolder = Nothing
Set oFile = Nothing
End Function

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